The real price of ‘Top 5’ emails for women in advertising The email from a departing planner at The & Partnership ranking women by their looks is a symptom of an industry culture which excludes and alienates women.

If we asked you to put into writing the Top 5 People you find attractive, or “want to fuck”, you’d be forgiven for thinking we were a couple of stereotypical bros approaching you during the hazing period of the academic year. Sadly, this isn’t a task put forward by a fraternity, but the subject matter of an all-agency email. It’s a practice that’s widely-regarded as a ‘tradition’ at several of London’s top agencies that we, and many people apparently, are aware of. The final initiation to claim your place in the Boys Club, if you will.

But it’s just an email, right? 

It’s not just an email. We’ve successfully created an environment where not only is this behaviour acceptable, it’s encouraged. An environment where graduates are left questioning whether or not the agency they’re set to go to is safe for women. Where juniors are leaving almost as soon as they start because they’re being sexually harassed – alongside those who have endured it for years. Where the refusal to conform to abuse results in berating. Read more

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