Melinda Gates reveals ‘aggressive,’ male-dominated life at Microsoft as she calls on all of us to redesign the workplace – We need to tear up the blueprint that created “The Old Boys’ Club.”

Melinda Gates has called on each and every one of us to help overhaul the 21st century workplace as she revealed the turbulent launch of her career inside an “aggressive,” male-dominated culture at Microsoft.

The philanthropist and visionary said today’s job landscape is still designed for “people who look like my dad”—a white guy with a degree from Stanford University, as she delivered her keynote speech at SXSW on Sunday.

“I was the only woman in my hiring class of ten MBAs,” Gates said of her first job at Microsoft. “But that wasn’t what bothered me. The problems started to begin at my first orientation, when one of my fellow hires decided immediately that he was going to pick a fight with the VP. I thought, ‘that’s a bizarre way to start a job.’ It turned out that he’d been advised by a professor that he should be more assertive. Read more 

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